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mexican wolf

Mexican wolf are seen in Janos Biosphere Reserve

Good news! A reserve in Mexico has detected the presence of Mexican wolf. The small inhabitants are in perfect health in their natural habitat.

Through the Species at Risk Conservation Program (PROCER for its name in Spanish) and the GEF Species at Risk project, the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (Conanp), reported the discovery of Mexican wolf cubs.

mexican wolf

Let’s remember that he is in danger of extinction due to indiscriminate hunting, poisoning by farmers. And the loss of habitat due to overgrazing and land use change.

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Mexican wolf cubs

The small Mexican wolf cubs were observed feeding and in perfect condition in the Janos Biosphere Reserve (RBJ). The photos were taken by trap cameras which were installed and operated by the inhabitants of the Protected Natural Area. Them are used for wildlife monitoring.

Liberation and conservation

The sighting of the puppies is further proof that the released wolves successfully adapted to the wild. And since 2011, in the Janos Biosphere Reserve, Conanp has made a total of 12 releases of Mexican wolf specimens.

mexican wolf

Similarly, the birth of eight litters in their natural environment was recorded and documented, with approximately 25 puppies.

They usually forms herds with a complex social structure. Similarly, it is based on hierarchies, including a female and a male. Who stay together for life.

In addition, their average litter usually has between 4 and 6 puppies and they live in packs of 2 to 10 individuals with a dominant male (alpha). One of the characteristics of the wolf is that they usually communicate through howls and usually move in a row.

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