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San Marcelino, hidden Mayan community in Yucatan

San Marcelino is one of those towns where you can breathe magic in every corner. It is located in the Municipality of Tekax, in the state of Yucatan. The town has only 30 inhabitants, with Mayan traditions still alive.

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Ideal destination for travelers

To get there, as it is not possible to arrive by other kind of transportation, you must cross a dirt road for several kilometers. However, thanks to that, the place is ideal to relax, find amazing landscapes and connect with nature.

The families that inhabit this place populated the site 60 years ago. And recently they joined a communitarian tourism project, as they are one of the few original Mayan communities that are left in our country.


In San Marecelino you live culture. You can still see women with their hipiles washing clothes like the ancient Maya did. That is, with a round stone, water and based on a square stone of great proportions.

In addition, you will find typical Mayan huts made with sticks and guano roof.

What you can do in San Marcelino?

The center is one of its great attractions, better known as the Puuc Zone. There, an imposing church dedicated to San Juan Bautista stands skyward, crowning itself as one of the first Franciscan buildings in the area.

The caves, one of the main assets of the municipality, are a must visit site. There are tours through some of them such as: Chocantes, Kalmankal, Sartenejas, Platanal, and Trincheras. The coolest part? You will not only be able to enjoy its waters, but you will be able to know its importance in the Mayan culture.

If you are adventurous, then visit the archeological zone of Chacmultún or “Red Stone Mounds”. This site is located a few minutes from San Marcelino. Here you can admire the Mayan settlements that represented the great hegemony of the Puuc Zone, especially the city of Uxmal.


A site of great cultural wealth

On the other hand, gastronomy is an equally delicious fact. Yucatecan food is abundant and dishes such as black and white stuffing stand out, served with handmade tortillas and accompanied by natural juices.

It should be noted that all products are made, harvested and planted by the same inhabitants. Also, in some places crafts such as embroidered hipiles and guayaberas are made.

Also, during the tours through San Marcelino, you will observe corn and bean plantations. As well as people dedicated to livestock and beekeeping.

If you want to live something different and with cause, then visiting the Tekax community is for you. It is a true time travel that will take you to know other ways of life, stories, customs and beliefs.

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