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Cacomixtle, a feline that roams in Mexico City

There are many endemic species that Mexico has under its protection, but there are some more mischievous than others. Such is the case of the cacomixtle, known for its similar appearance to other felines.

Cacomixtle, endemic species of Mexico

Cacomixtle, a mining cat full of energy

Its name comes from the nahuatl Tlacomiztli and means ‘half feline’. However, they have no actual relationship with the furry animals we know, they are a coatié, a specie characterized for its length, from 31 to 44 centimeters.

They habit dark and tropical places but their home has been invaded by the city sounds. Cacomixtles roam at night, are very shy and lonely, they are not seen easily. Their eyes are big and purple and surrounded by a spot of light colored fur.

What they do

They are also known by their agility because they can move and jump easily through cliffs and rocky settlements. They are omnivorous, that is they eat plants, fruits, insects, small birds, rodents or lizards. And they master in hunting.

The Spanish also took cacomixtles into their everyday life as pets. Some of their functions were to catch mice and other poisonous animals.

Cacomixtle looks like a feline.

If you pay attention, maybe one night you may discover their purple eyes roaming around. What we do know about them is that they love being the center of attention, they have even appeared on the news! One of the most popular stories is about one Cacomixtle that was inside a bank in Paseo de la Reforma. So, the bank and the surrounding area were secured for its rescue.

Why can we find them in Mexico?

Cacomixtles’ home has been invaded for the last years and so this small animals have moved to different areas around Mexico City.

Currently we may find some in Tlalpan, San Andrés, Totoltepec, Milpa Alta, Xochimilco, San Mateo Xalpa, and in the State of Mexico in municipalities like Atizapan de Zaragoza, Naucalpan and Huixquilican.

Cacomixtle in Mexico City

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